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I’m Kelly Petry. I have been the business owner of Telephone Man of America since 2008. I have helped thousands of customers to get high-quality low-cost Avaya phone systems over the years and have had 100% positive feedback on my eBay store for many years. As I get older I realize the importance of protecting what matters. That can be your health, your business, your family loved ones, etc. Insurance can offer many benefits to you as you protect what matters to you and your life and personal situation. Insurance Man of America is here to help inform and educate others on insurance and the benefits that it can bring and to continue helping others to get high-quality low-cost products. I will continue to help others by offering Avaya phone systems and insurance products to you, your family, your friends, and America! I look forward to talking to you soon and providing high-quality low-cost health insurance options to you and helping you protect what matters most to you!

My Passion

My passion is freedom. I love offering high-value, high-quality low-cost goods and services to people that free up their resources and allow for more freedom for others! I am blessed to have a wonderful wife and three wonderful children. I have a mission to spread HOPE by Helping Other People Everyday. By helping others we help ourselves and promote hope, happiness, and ultimately more freedom. I look forward to helping you protect what matters most and to achieve more security, hope happiness, and freedom.

My Goals

My goal is to spread HOPE by Helping Other People Everyday by offering high-quality low-cost insurance products and promoting happiness, prosperity, and freedom to my clients and to their loved ones. Contact me today to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals!

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