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Why have health insurance? To protect what matters! It’s been said if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. Maintaining your health with basic wellness and preventative services such as physicals, lab work immunizations, etc. is important. More importantly, it is important to be insured and protected for accidents, catastrophic, and critical illnesses with maximum out-of-pocket limits so you are protected and not leaving yourself financially exposed if such events were to happen to you and or a loved one.

What happens if you work with me? We’ll review your situation and why you are looking for coverage and what types of coverage you want. We’ll find out what plan is best for you – government (ACA, PPACA, or “Obamacare”) or private health care plans. Government plans tend to be more expensive but have more comprehensive coverage. Private healthcare plans can be less expensive and still meet your needs but usually don’t cover some items such as mental health, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, maternity, and major pre-existing conditions.

Private healthcare providers tend to be more selective on who they provide coverage for and often have their clients be medically underwritten before they are accepted to minimize their risk. Those who can qualify, save money by not having to pay for benefits they do not need, such as maternity benefits for males and rehabilitation services for those who don’t need them. They also tend to have low to no deductibles & copays, have day 1 first dollar coverage, have larger networks such as nationwide PPO’s where no referrals are needed to see specialists etc.

Other available insurance products can include critical illness, life, disability, Dental & Vision. If available the most popular is 24/7 telehealth/telemedicine services. It allows you to skip the doctor’s office waiting room and get non-emergency consultations and your prescriptions sent to your pharmacy quickly!

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To get started, I’ll need the zip code, genders & dates of birth (XX/XX/XXXX) of everyone that wants to be on the plan.

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